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Organic Green

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...... A light smooth green tea or you can brew a bit longer (up to 3 minutes) for a satisfying breakfast cuppa. Either way it is high in antioxidants and beautifully cleansing.

What's in Organic Green? 

100% Green Tea

How do I brew my Organic Green? 

Use 1 teaspoon of Organic Green per cup of hot water (85°C is perfect) and steep for 1-3 minutes. Like all green teas, the steeping in water that is too hot or for too long will lead to a bitter cup. Whilst you can get temperature controlled kettles, a good technique is to pour the boiling into a cold teapot or cup and allow the container to absorb some of the heat. Then add the green tea. Bitter green tea is undrinkable so you will know if you haven't allowed the water to cool enough. If this happens, simply try again with cooler water. This tea is worth the effort.

Green tea is drunk without milk. You can infuse the leaves multiple times with minimal loss of flavour. Indeed second or subsequent brews are lower in caffeine so, if caffeine is a concern, discard the first infusion.

If making up to drink iced, use 1½-2 teaspoons of Organic Green per cup of hot water (again 85°C is just right), steep for 1-3 minutes, strain and sweeten if required before cooling.

All ingredients are certified organic.

Highest quality loose leaf Green Tea. 

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